A downloadable Adventure for Windows

A long time ago, in a faraway land, there was a dark wizard who wished to seize control of the kingdom, so he tried to build the strongest and meanest monster that he could conjure, but he failed. What came to being instead is a gentle and curious green brute whose thirst for adventure will have him cross paths with a lost little girl looking for her father in a forbidden cave wrought with danger and simple puzzles.

This game was made in about 3 weeks for MinisterJay's Heroic Monsters Game Jam. The theme is to have the Monsters be the Hero, so in this game you get to play as the brute and team up with a "puny friend", Lynzie and make your way to her dad. The game is pretty family friendly and it contains a unique character switching mechanic and a hunger system to "push" exploration. Anyways, enjoy and have fun!

Install instructions

Download the zip. Unzip it wherever you keep your games. Keep the contents of the main folder together. Double Click MonstersHeart.exe. Wait a second as it loads up. If you have any issues and right click the .exe and run as administrator. Eat some popcorn, play the game, have fun.

Arrows Keys to Move

Z/Enter/Spacebar to advance text, select items

Esc/X to open/close menu

S to switch characters (*when applicable)


V0.2MonstersHeart.zip 230 MB

Development log