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A man who made a pact with the devil travels to a small plague filled island in pursuit of an ancient place said to be the birthplace and hopefully resting place of the cursed sword which has bound itself to his soul. Battle unnatural creatures, skeletons, spiders, and more in this unsettling adventure. What drives a man to curse himself and willingly do battle with other worldly beings? What choice would you make?

Hell|Bent is a RPG that features quick ATB-Style Turn-Based battles that are acted out dynamically and violently on the map. Equipment and level based skills allow for different play styles and skillsets. Beautiful handmade maps with dynamic lighting and thick percussive soundtrack. This was game was made in about a month for HawkZombie's Birthday Halloween Game Jam - Theme: Skeleton War, in which it won.

Install instructions

Download the thing.

Uzip the thing's contents.

Keep thing's contents together if you want saving to work. This is so if the game is updated your save file is separate and unharmed.

Double Click EXE

Arrow Keys to Move

Z/Enter/Spacebar to interact; accept; action; progress text

Escape/0(Zero)/X for the Menu; go back; cancel


HellBentV1.3.zip 298 MB

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