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Ouroboros's early beta release went pretty great, but a lot of issues, and a clear lack of proper planning on my part has put this project back into a alpha stage. Trying to jazz it up from the demo, implement new sprites for the crew, busts, new plugins, rewriting dialogue, and even added a new area, I really just ended up making a mess of the project. It's still completely in the works but this project was originally started for a game jam and I just kind of fell in love with it and kept hammering away until I could get to a demo stage. I missed the deadline of the game jam but was able to release a playable demo that was pretty well received with some wonderful constructive criticism. But making Ouroboros has really left me drained. Turns out making horror is exhuasting. All the critiques and reviews from this game have really helped me in all my post Ouroboros releases and I've tried to implement them all. I think I need to take a break from this project and return when I am better prepared to take on such an task. I had also used Pioneer Valley Games' Mythos resources throughout the game and Jesse of PVGames is doing a remastered and more in depth Mythos in a proper MV scale and the heavily edited sprites from PVGames' Medieval series won't have to be as edited as everything was built using the Wild Steam series as a base and tilesets from SciFi. So with an upcoming plethora of resources, which may or not may not work with this style, I have to wait and see before I devote anymore time and energy to actually making the game. So officially it's on Hiatus. Sorry to anyone who is anxiously waiting... the wait just got longer...

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Mar 01, 2018

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so is this  still in demo? or added full game and end or just second part?

This is the original demo still. No updates anytime soon.